Massage & Bodywork

Grounding Massage – 60min

This single hour is made glorious with concentrations on certain muscles or a full body massage with a range of therapeutic modalities handcrafted relax muscles, improve circulation & encourage inner peace.

Balancing Massage – 75min

Melt away tension and promote circulation with an intuitive blend of massage techniques featuring a range of light to firm pressure. This massage is customized to focus on your body’s needs.

Framework Massage – 90min

Take a journey to re-pattern your mind, body, and soul to become the fullest expression of your being. Designed to relax muscles, improve circulation & promote inner peace.

Hot Stone Massage – 90min

A Swedish Massage that incorporates hot stones to penetrate muscle tissue to induce deep relaxation. It helps to increase circulation and reduces muscle spasms. *Not available for any prenatal massages. Please read the contraindications on the booking page.