Massage & Bodywork

Breathe Massage & Spa is a sensory experience that encompasses well being and encourages body awareness and openness.  A complete holistic approach to bodywork and massage we encourage you to fall into contemplation with a simple act of clearing.  Treatment begins the moment you arrive with the aroma of essential oils.  We will listen to your body, speech, and mind to handcraft a range of therapeutic bodywork for you on your day of service.  (please let us know of any sensitivities or allergies when booking, we will do everything possible to accommodate you)

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One Hour Grounding Massage

This single hour is made glorious with concentrations on certain muscles or a full body massage with a range of therapeutic modalities handcrafted for you and your body.


Seventy Five Minute Balancing Massage 

Melt away tension and promote circulation with an intuitive blend of massage techniques featuring a range of light to firm pressure. This massage is customized to focus on your body’s needs. 


Ninety Minute Framework Massage (Recommended)

Take a journey to repattern your mind, body, and soul to become the fullest expression of your being.  Here, relaxation is the goal. 

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Two Hour Unravel Massage

Unwind and decompress the knots of the soul in this luxurious two-hour treatment.  Touch into meditative states as your sense of time dissolves.  Unravel is a way to experience physical and mental awareness and relaxation and letting go.


Ninety Minute Hot Stone Massage

A Swedish Massage that incorporates hot stones to penetrate muscle tissue to induce deep relaxation. It helps to increase circulation and reduces muscle spasms. incorporates a Swedish Massage to promote relaxation  *Not available for any prenatal massages. Please read the contraindications on the booking page.

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Seventy Five Minute Body Exfoliation & Massage

This divinely exotic no-rinse scrub and massage uses all natural ingredients from virgin coconut powder,  oil and volcanic sand to prepare the skin for better absorption of skin care products,  while it gentle cleanses and exfoliates eliminating dead skin cells and impurities.  It leaves the skin soft and supple and deeply relaxes the body and mind.