All facials are customized to address each client’s unique needs.  Based on your skin type and skin care goals, we will choose which products and techniques to use in order to bring your skin to a state of proper hydration and balanced health.  Your treatment includes a complete skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions as needed, and luxurious mask.  This is followed by a relaxing massage of the face, chest, neck and shoulders, hands & arms.  Warm towels and steam will be used throughout the service.  Our product line are all natural and marine based from the heart of the Emerald Cost in Brittany, France.  

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Reflect Signature European Facial (75-min)

Journey into the sanctuary within. Reflect, our most luxurious marine based facialdesigned to nurture inner and outer radiance. This tranquil holistic facial experience crafted just for your complexion features a hydrating cleanse, customized exfoliation, mild yet thorough extractions, moisturizing hand treatment, plus ample massage for neck, shoulder, and feet.


Pure Radiance European Facial (90-min)

Everything in a Reflect Signature European Facial plus an additional detoxifying treatment for the back.

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Gentleman's Facial (75-min)

Oxygenate + balance + hydrate + firm -  Men's skin is physiologically different than a woman's, so our treatment ensures that his unique symptoms are balanced.  This facial incorporates deep cleansers and specific treatment serums to address problems associated with shaving stress and dull skin tone.  A mask customized to balance skin type is applied while a scalp, neck and shoulder massage deepens relaxation.  

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Teen Clean Express Facial (45-min)

This beneficial treatment includes the essential elements of healthy skin in a condensed session.  Products for cleansing, exfoliation, and masking are carefully selected to meet the needs of your skin.  The facial focuses on extractions (pore cleaning) and includes a relaxing hand & arm massage during the mask. 

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Express Eye Contour Treatment (30-min)

The skin around the eye is four times thinner than the rest of the face and the most fragile area of the face and body.   Treat your delicate eye area to an Express Eye Contour Treatment to reduce visible signs of aging , puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles.  Reveal youthful-looking eyes that are less tired and look rejuvenated.  The treatment protocol includes a cleanse, relaxing massage for the delicate eye area, hydrating and firming mask for the eye area, scalp massage, and appropriate eye cream.